Note from the Editors

Our initial efforts to name this magazine, one that is a product of the students of various universities across the world, while often amusing did not really get us anywhere. It was only after the submissions and deliberations that we kept coming back to the question of what it means to write.

The simplicity of the title – “syahi” – invokes not only the process of writing but also reminds us of the privilege of it. In a time of deliberate shrinking of student spaces and voices, our own discussions about what we want from the magazine and where we want it to go were tied back to conversations being held outside the walls of our universities. It may be arrogant to presume that the magazine is a space for free speech, given that the submissions we received were largely from elite universities. However, the breadth of subjects our contributors wrote on; from the politics of publishing Dalit women’s memoirs to the complexities of personal laws in India, reflects back to the necessity of “ink” in carving out an area for students, by students.

Going forward, we hope to expand the purview of the magazine thematically and linguistically, finally coming to terms with our initial question of what it means to write, what to write and who gets to write.